Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game (Big Box Edition)


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Storm Hollow is a complete game, whose unique “storyboard” system combines the structure and ease of learning of a board game with the flexibility and limitless replayability of a roleplaying game.
Its straightforward, simple rules are easy enough for a child to learn in a few minutes, but robust enough to support nearly any type of fantasy story you want to tell. Copious adventures, aids and tools help you assemble your story on the fly, letting both the Storyteller and the players dive right in.
Packed to the gills with beautiful art, premium components, and everything you need to play, Storm Hollow is a great introduction to story gaming, for players both young and old.
5 hardcover books:
Poppin’s Guide to Storm Hollow (64 pgs)
Storyteller’s Guide (48 pgs)
Preludes Adventure Book (120 pgs)
Poppin’s Guide to Venture (48 pgs)
Pieces of a Broken World (112 pgs)
Whispers of Wonder adventure booklet (36 pgs)
22” x 22” Storm Hollow map board
22” x 22” Venture map board
6 double sided Hero boards
Storyteller board
4 tracker boards
354 poker-sized cards
96 Artifact cards
97 Power Orb cards
18 Adventure Kit cards
6 Talent cards
71 Lodran’s Lost Pages cards
60 Venture Rumors and Resources cards
6 Battle for Storm Hollow character cards
220 tarot-sized cards
20 Rift cards
37 Ally cards
37 Enemy cards
30 Scene cards
28 Scene to Go cards
15 Scene cards for Preludes adventures
6 Scene cards for Whispers of Wonder adventures
6 Create-a-Kit cards
1 Opening Scene card
10 Campaign cards
30 blank cards
33 custom dice (22 white, 4 black, 1 grey, 6 colored Talent)
6 die-cut wooden meeples
49 plastic gems
Battle for Storm Hollow cooperative game rules
Battle for Storm Hollow enemy sticker sheet
Create-a-Kit sticker sheet
Plastic storage bags


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