12+2 Baby grondbox Afneembaar opvouwbaar kunststof veiligheidshek met hek Speelbord Basketbalring en kinderschommel , 200*160*90 cm


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Features 1.Versatile Play Hub: Introducing our 3-in-1 Children’s Play Enclosure! This multifunctional space features a playpen, swing, and basketball hoop, offering a world of entertainment for your little one, and ensuring endless fun and learning opportunities. 2.Safety First: Crafted from EN71-certified materials, this play enclosure prioritizes your child’s safety, providing a secure environment for play and exploration, giving parents peace of mind. 3.Effortless Setup, Effortless Fun: Designed for convenience, this play enclosure is easy to assemble and clean, allowing you to spend more quality time with your child without the hassle of complicated preparation. 4.Stylish and Unique: With special modeling and exquisite patterns, this play enclosure is not just functional but also a stylish addition to your home. Enjoy precious parent-child moments in a space that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is enjoyable. Description Increase playtime with our 3-in-1 children’s play fence! Prepare for hours of fun as your child explores our multifunctional playpen with slide, swing and basketball hoop, all providing endless entertainment. Safety was at the forefront of the manufacturing process: the materials are EN71 certified and ensure a safe play environment. Effortless assembly and cleaning make it easy for busy parents, leaving more time for laughter and fun. The unique design of the play fence with its exquisite patterns encourages bonding between parent and child and creates beautiful memories. Invest in a world of comfort, safety and style – the perfect playground for your child’s imagination to run wild. Selling Points 1.Ultimate play space: Immerse yourself in limitless fun with our 3-in-1 children’s play fence, now bigger and more spacious than ever! With an exciting combination of slide, swing and basketball hoop, this playpen provides endless fun and plenty of space to let your child’s imagination run wild. 2.Safety meets fun: This playpen is made of EN71-certified materials and guarantees a safe haven for your child’s adventures. So parents can have peace of mind while little ones play freely in the spacious area. 3.Effortless fun: Experience stress-free parenting with easy assembly and cleaning, enhanced by the extra space. Your child can play comfortably, boosting their independence and confidence. 4.Stylish haven: Beautify your child’s play area with chic patterns that seamlessly combine style and functionality in this spacious play area. Parents can enjoy watching their child flourish in a safe, spacious and stylish environment. 5.Quality family moments: Don’t just invest in a playpen, invest in a center for beautiful family memories. The larger space allows for shared activities, learning and laughter and ensures that every moment spent together is filled with love and joy. Specification Product Size: 205*165*75cm Material:HDPE Basketball stand height: 75-113 cm Swing height:90cm


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